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Our mission

Jobs Bundaberg supports the growth and development of a strong, capable and skilled workforce across industry sectors in the Bundaberg region.

Our role

Jobs Bundaberg works with regional stakeholders to:

  • Coordinate local resources and networks to develop solutions to Bundaberg’s skilling and workforce needs.

  • Plan for the future through proactive monitoring of industry trends and identifying upskilling and re-skilling opportunities through education and training pathways.

  • Advocate for investment in training and skills that align to regional jobs and employment growth.

  • Drive and build the footprint, skills and connection to local education and training pathways.

  • Leverage the Queensland Government’s Good People. Good Jobs: Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022 – 2032. The strategy’s vision, is for a strong and diverse workforce ready to seize today’s jobs and adapt to future opportunities.

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